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Shiatsu Massage for Treating a Host of Ailments

The word “Shiatsu” is a Japanese word that is made up of “Shi,” which means finger, and “atsu,” or pressure. shiatsu massage is a form of acupressure that originated in China over 2000 years ago. Over the centuries, this style of massage has been used to treat a number of illnesses, as well as bring relief from chronic pain and stiffness. The art of shiatsu massage is tied into Eastern traditions that intertwine spiritual, physical and medical sides of the body for maximum wholeness and wellness. The view of this technique is that energy, called “chi,” is circulating throughout the body, bringing in fresh energy and carrying out toxins. When the chi becomes blocked, the body no longer enjoys good health, and the pathways must be restored in order to heal. This is where shiatsu massage comes in.

Shiatsu Massage Bangalore

What a Shiatsu Massage will do

If you go to a Shiatsu masseuse for treatment, the first thing he will do is to determine where a chi obstruction might be located. Be prepared to answer questions about specific illnesses and whether there is pain or tenderness at certain points of pressure. come and enjoy our body massage in bangalore ,Once the problem areas have been pinpointed, the Shiatsu masseuse will treat these points by applying firm and gentle pressure to the identified areas. Many people have described this pressure as causing tenderness, tickling or a slightly uncomfortable intensity. Still, most people enjoy this type of massage during the session, and will most definitely benefit from the results afterward. The only other type of technique that is generally used in shiatsu massage is a gentle rotation and stretching of joints and muscles. Few complain of much soreness after the massage.

What to Expect at your Shiatsu massage Session

If you are going in for you first shiatsu massage, it is a good idea to wear loose and comfortable clothing of natural materials, since this is thought to assist with the flow of the chi. Another factor that revolves around the chi is the environment of the room, which should be warm, quiet and clean. You will probably be asked to lie on the ground on a futon or other type of mat so that you can relax as much as possible. Do not ever eat a large meal right before your shiatsu massage, and try to go into your session as calm and relaxed as possible. shiatsu massage is not advisable for those who are severely ill with things like multiple sclerosis or cancer. Pregnant women can receive benefits of this type of massage, but it must be done with caution, so make sure that your masseuse knows if you are pregnant.

shiatsu massage can have many benefits for many who are suffering from a variety of ills or pains. If you think this type of massage would be good for you, contact your doctor or a certified Shiatsu masseuse for more information.