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Sensual massage Brings you Closer to your Partner

It is the rule rather than the exception that human beings are sensual massage to the core, and we all need time for relaxation toning our bodies as well. A sense of smell is pivotal in sensual feelings, and certain chemicals secreted from human sweat known as pheromones are instrumental in attracting the opposite sex. In the same vein, certain plant oils exude aromatic smells that relax, improve awareness and excite the senses to create passion and a yearning for love. for more Body Massage in Bangalore

Incorporates Sensual and Pleasurable Feelings in Bangalore

A sensual massage should incorporate pleasurable and sensuous feelings, and provide stimulation to erogenous zones. A sensual massage that touches the neck, solar plexus, and some other parts of the body excites feelings of love, which is a key for enjoying added pleasure. A calming and sensual atmosphere is generally an important prerequisite to the sensual massage.

Adding a few drops of essential oils that release fragrances that ignite passion are a good choice in a sensual massage, and applying perfumes to erogenous zones will allow for maximum arousal to take place. When taking a sensual massage with a partner, the best position is to let each partner’s back touch the other’s, since that is possibly the most erogenous area. Pressing hard enough against each other to feel the pelvis, spine and shoulder will heighten the sensual massage.

It is also a good idea to gently stroke the nape of the neck with your thumb and work a little extra pressure on each side of the spine more than once to get additional pleasure. Continue with kneading the buttocks, and gradually work the whole body to get maximum pleasure from the sensual massage, because the nerves located in this area are closely related to the intimate parts of either sex.

The thighs also deserve attention, and the upper legs and calves can be massaged for a full lower body treatment. The sensual massage is a vehicle of the imagination which can allow for experimentation to produce more excitement. Along with tenderness, a loving attitude and a playful, creative approach, there is no reason why a sensual massage will not help to engage both partners in an enjoyable time of passion and intimacy.

When a partner touches the other in a loving manner it provides enjoyment to both, and with deep kneading and light feather strokes, the sensual massage will excite the skin’s surface and make both partners eager to engage in more love.