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Nuru Massage in Bangalore

It’s a Japanese tradition, though it isn’t clear how long this sensual technique was practiced. It’s is a full body to body erotic massage with an ultra-slippery gel made out of seaweed. It Is a sensuous way to travel the body of the couple. It consists of stimulating the skin via caresses that stimulate sexual arousal.

A Nuru massage available in Jasmin body massage spa located in Bangalore It is also a sensual massage. The masseuse uses his or her entire body to massage the client, providing more physical contact than used in a conventional massage. 

Why? Both the customer and the masseuse are covered in Nuru massage gel. The secret is in the body-to-body contact of the couple, making special and careful attention from the erogenous parts of him or her. We provides the best massage in Bangalore.

Nuru Massage

For many couples, a Nuru massage is exactly what they want to spice up their love life. Being covered in gel and slipping from the spouse can’t just create new senses, but also enable you to feel comfortable on your skin. You may find more than only a physical link, also. Nuru massages are romantic by nature and may, consequently, improve psychological connections.

Benefits of Nuru Massage

  • Boost the desire of this couple to have sex. ·
  • It stimulates ideal erogenous zones to conceive subsequently, a climax or several.
  • Offers imagination to the sexual relationship:
  • To prevent charmless and fill the relationship with romantic thoughts that are necessary for good sex.
  • Improves blood circulation to the massage area:
  • This assists the skin and different parts of the body to be more responsible to arouse and pleasure for sex. ·
  • Relax and let go of stress and problems to live a thrilling romantic moment.
  • It prepares and excites the couple to get a sexual encounter.

On the Skin

  • Temperature increase.
  • Cutaneous exfoliation
  • Stimulates the absorption of fluids.
  • Activates sweat glands.


  • Contributes to improving muscle tropism.
  • It facilitates the exit of waste materials.
  • Eliminate metabolism.

About the circulation

  • Improves flow by devastation that Causes tissue friction.
  • Boost oxygen levels in the blood.
  • Pain relaxation.
  • It eases the venous return.

On the Nervous System

  • Anesthesia (eliminates or reduces pain).
  • Excites ganglion terminations.