Massage in Bangalore
Dial 9686896687 to take Massage in bangalore with extra services from young female therapist. Enjoy as well relax your full body and benefit your body in many ways and keep you fit and stronger than ever before with massage.
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Are you looking for Body to body massage in Bangalore at best price for men by women then Our spa body massage would be the perfect choice because we are maintaining strong brand name in the Indian market, our renowned body massage spa is situated in the heart of Bangalore and also we are providing luxury body massage in Bangalore branch also successfully initiated these services in our other branches areas like Indira nagar, hebbal, bangalore city, as Jasmin Body Massage spa official timings are from 10am to 10 Pm (All Seven Days). We are authentic and genuine body to body massage in Bangalore contact us

Body Massage in Bangalore

Our Spa in Bangalore is the best and convenient place to all these and many more reflexology of your desire. Many satisfied customers across the world happy with our services so if you are planning to take body to body massage visit Bangalore, you should take our pleasant services at affordable prices. Massage is a treatment that can offer you a great amount of relief and pleasure, and specific techniques like deep-tissue sports massages provide you with a relaxed and invigorated feeling afterwards. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety while you recover from a strenuous physical exercise or from an injury. It is also good for reducing weight because it positively affects the muscle-building capability of the person at the same time it improves fitness levels.

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“Best massage center in Bangalore having more than 6+ years experience in all massage & spa services body massage spa near me. So, visit our spa to get professional body massage in Bangalore. Call: (+919686896687) to enjoy body to body massage, Female to male massage , Lingam massage, Sandwich massage & Thai massage by our highly trained massage therapists”. 

Body To Body Massage

Our spa got tied up with the most beautiful and high profile girls in Bangalore for provide Body Massage in Bangalore near you. If you need high-class service with girls in Bangalore You can have it here. They are skilled to satisfy your requirements by doing the most enjoyable activities for you. Please do contact the best companions in Bangalore if you need luxurious companion services only. You can find your girl by connecting on the number given in this website and find the suitable masseuse girl for your nude Body to Body Massage in Bangalore.With many of the techniques available, one can reap a number of benefits including better blood circulation, improvement of range of motion and flexibility, reduction in the recovery time between workouts, reduced risk of over-training, and enhancement in fat loss.

Female to Male Massage

We are sure that once you enjoyed our female to male massage service at our spa you will understand the quality of our service and of course you will be convinced that no other body to body reflexology providers Home and Female Massage in Bangalore can give you the best B2B massage.We have tried our level best to add all the details of our body to body massage services within our website. And the blog posts and client reviews or comments will help you to know more about the quality of our body to body massage. 

Our experts certainly know about your requirements so they can give you dedicated service at all levels and meanings.You are also going to be added to the number of satisfied clients across Bangalore.We believe that most of the clients already had our Female to male massage in Bangalore are referring their colleagues and friends to have the same service with our Spa and that the only factor making the number of clients increasing day by day. You can choose any body to body massage in Bangalore.

Female to Male Massage

Happy Ending Massage

Our Spa gives you a best enjoyable spa and Female to male massage for man and woman that will satisfy you fully and full you with lot of enjoyment and relaxation with lots of benefits to your body. You will forget about tension and fell fresh than ever before. Massage in Bangalore at mg road is a superior spot for kick out the entirety of your body pressures , our excellent young ladies will rub your full body with their delicate hands and provide you full pleasure. They rub you gently and smoothly and give your body another flood of freshness. Their looks and the manner in which they massage you with their erotic body and hand take you to paradise, you will get a definitive delight for your body and mind from them and their hotness will forget everything in the entire procedure.

Erotic Massage

Get a new refreshing life which is full of enjoyment and freshness. So you will be able to handle everything with a positive attitude. They rub and pressure your body in a way which provides you proper relaxation for your body from our spa to get B2B massage in Bangalore . Our girls provide you awesome massages to your body and their touch gives you the unforgettable relaxation. You will get the most satisfying pleasure and make you happier than ever before. So what are you waiting for, just come and enjoy your life with full of pleasure with our beautiful and hot girls which give you pleasure and relax through their beautiful hands to pleasure you in all the way as you imagine for happy ending massage in Bangalore.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage consists rhythmic movements, special easy exercise, and position of your body.which makes your body like it is healing better than ever. Some of the medical studies say that this kind of rubbing reducing the chances of various fatal diseases like diabetes, strokes and etc. It improves your blood circulation according to your body hence it improves your body’s potential to work. It gives you a very calm sense of relaxation and your entire body feel 100% stress-free.

Foot Massage

Foot massage is the best way to relax your foot. Many persons suffered by Knee Pain. Foot massage is the best solution for those persons.You should feel relaxed after taking foot massage. In the foot there are lots of points are there. Our professionals take care of those parts and do treatment with those parts.This will give extreme relaxation for foot painters. Contact spa to get Massage in Bangalore.

Oil Massage​

In this type of massage oil will be poured on your whole body by our female masseur. This type of kneading basically focus on reducingyour various kinds of pain like muscle pain and body pain. If you feel any that kind of pain then ready for an oil massage with jasmin spa in bangalore.

Ayurvesdic Massage​

This massage consists rhythmic movements, special easy exercise, and position of your body.which makes your body like it is healing better than ever. Some of the medical studies say that this kind of rubbing reducing the chances of various fatal diseases like diabetes, strokes and etc. It improves your blood circulation according to your body hence it improves your body’s potential to work. It gives you a very calm sense of relaxation and your entire body feel 100% stress-free.

Thai Massage​

Thai Massage​

If you want a very deep long-lasting relax to yourself then don’t go anywhere because this Thai massage with us gives you a complete package to this.Because this rubbing is a combination of Ayurvedic extract and various kneading movements resulting in improved immune system of your body. Believe me this is going to be very special with our gorgeous female and male models they will definitely help you to get complete satisfaction. Here in our spa in Bangalore we promise you to make get rid off your stress and workload far away from you

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

As we told you that we have many male and female massage therapists so you can get any kind of massage of your desire hence we allocated the privet space to our customers to get massages without any hesitation. The friction of this rubbing makes a special and erotic feel for both of you ( you and your partner ) in your privet space.

Hot Stone Massage​

In this message, we putting specifically hot stones at acupressure points of your body. It provides more efficient pain relief than other massage techniques because the heat of these stones transmitted through your acupressure points which makes your body much healing and oxidation level of your body increases better than ever and it may help you arise from depression too which is a most common unwell thing in today’s time.As we are working with professionals you don’t need anything to worry about. Here we want to make you clear that in this Ayurveda massage we use only natural herbs. We never use any harmful chemicals, cosmetics and artificial creams etc, because we took care about our valuable customers.all massages there is no age bars in this Ayurvedic massage , so people of any age can take this to secure their health for long long time.

Sandwich Massage in Bangalore

Sandwich Massage​

In seeking of gorgeous angles for your rubbing you have no need to go anywhere because we are ready to serve you here in our body spa in Bangalore.One of most famous message all-over the world is sandwich massage which also offer by us. There are so many people who still don’t know anything about this massage ,As it’s name itself describes everything , this massage is done by two girls who concentrate on a single man at the same time this is why it also called 4 HAND MASSAGE because we are here to deliver the sandwich massage in Bangalore we also provide this to our precious customers. By this sandwich massage you get your blood circulation in control , reduced your pain and with all this you can get enormous erotic pleasure because these two girls rubbing your body by her body thoroughly.

Benefits of Massage

  • Massage can easily decrease your depression and anxiety level. Depression is very common disease nowadays because of busy lifestyles and many other reasons. And massage can reduce and run out of this problem.
  • We use 100% natural Ayurvedic medicines and herbs in our JASMINE MASSAGE AND SPA CENTER so you can get many medical benefits from our services. “ shiatsu increases your quality rest while you are sleeping”.
  • We know our body blood circulation plays a major role in our health, massage can efficient enough to “make your blood flow right as your body needs”.
  • By massaging your body you can see your immunity level of your body increases and it helps you to be safe many fatal diseases and also many common diseases like fever, cold, cough and stress, etc.


1Tnatrik Massage60 Minutes2999
2Shiatsu Massage60 Minutes3499
3Sports Massage60 Minutes2499
4Body to Body Massage60 Minutes4999
5Sandwich Massage60 Minutes5500
6Thai Massage60 Minutes5500
7Oil Massage60 Minutes2699
8Female to Male Massage60 Minutes5500
9Foot Massage60 Minutes2499
10Swedish Massage60 Minutes4499
11Nuru Massage60 Minutes4499
12Hot Stone Massage60 Minutes2999
13Head Massage60 Minutes2599
14Sensual massage60 Minutes3499
15Therapeutic Massage60 Minutes2699

Full Body Massage in Bangalore

For Body Massage in Bangalore is not challenging to find when you go online. While you are most likely to be focused on taking a look at photos of the girls so that you can see what they look like, you should also take a look at their payments and comfort that the Bangalore spa have built in for their customers. Good Bangalore spa spa protects the comfort of their consumers and do not reveal your information to anyone, including when it comes to billing. 

If you are planning on take body to body Massage Bangalore, you wish to be sure that you are utilizing a hidden service. You should also look at the different types of Body Massage has to offer by way of Bangalore spa. If you prefer a woman of color or if you are seeking for a mature woman, you can get what you are looking for at a good spa. It is all a matter of your own personal taste when it comes to the spa who you want for friendship so you should be sure to take a look at what they have to provide so that you can be particular that they have Body Massage who fit your needs.

This is the perfect way to look through a site, take a look at photos and find out a bit about the girls as well as the agency itself. You can also find out the different services that they offer as well. You can hire girls as well as get a rub down when you visit come of the spa. You want to be sure that not only do you get quality Massage when you look for hot girls in Bangalore but that you also get the services that you want at the same time. You can find out all about these by planning online and going to their website. 

When you visit the spa of massage, you can get a pretty fantastic idea of what you can expect by way of Body Massage Bangalore as well as the type of providers that you can receive when you hire one of these Massages. There is no need to settle for someone who you do not want when you can get the top quality Body Massage in Bangalore simply by using high quality spa that are experts in providing you with the best girls in the business as well as a collection of different services that can appeal to you.



Exactly what exactly are the advantages of human body massage?

When we purchase Something we search because of its durability and life . That we spend will probably be higher however in our massage center you can acquire double advantages of not as price and original class premium excellent VIP girls for the human own body to body massage support. After each and every session or position of massage it is possible to energetic sense that the blood circulation and adrenal glands that rejuvenate your system and provides flexibility to carry out your normal work.

What Kinds of women are accessible for a totally enjoying Body massage?

When it comes into a private touch in the body to body massage, many Folks are partial to exciting and new girls. Our girls are acceptable and youthful, lively and sexy in appearances to entice people only by original appearance. All condition girls which range from 18 years to 3-5 years that is able to offer superb organization to some extreme.

Why are we particular from the livelihood of human anatomy Massage?

It’s a known Truth that some thing special or unique will probably be Anyone’s initial priority, therefore our Bangalore massage centre for the best human body massage have obtained exceptionally trained and practitioners for performing together with you personally.

What’s the best budget to Own an Entirely relaxing figure Massage?

Our Spa at Bangalore will probably be constantly eager on client Gratification at which any massage and spa center provides you in cleaning and Body scrubbing until joyful end are the very best selection that you select and pay. Normally most facilities will require one to the area and also enter actions that Doesn’t help everyone to receive entire human body comfort

Our Body Massage Techniques

Broadening strokes – The application of palm strokes from center line of an extremity laterally outwards.
compressive suffrage – The application of gliding strokes with enough pressure to create a displacement of tissue for the purpose of moving fluid.Compression – The rhythmic pumping action movements on muscle straight in and out intended to spread muscle fiber.
Myofacial release – A safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the mayofacial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.
Palmer friction – Rapid movements, using the practitioner palm back and forth across the skin, to create the super facial warming effect on tissues. It is recommended to apply the pros sage, using Palmer friction to generate warmth for more efficient and effective myofascial release.
Trigger point or trigger sites – this is described as hyper irritable spots on skeleton muscle that are associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibers.
Skin rolling – Myofascial technique in which the skin is gently lifted away from the body and rolled between the therapists fingers.
Hooking fascia – In order to move fascia back to normal positions throughout the body, you must minimize movement over the skin, known as compressive effleurage, and instead enter deep facial layers at a 45° angle.


We provide reliable massages services in Bangalore. We have established this for a long time ago and now we are leading this successfully. When you come to hire our service so does not need to be hesitating at all? All girls who are providing such lovely massage in Bangalore.They will meet all your desires which you want from a lady, they are beautiful, charming, smart, well-educated.